My work

Below you can find a few selected pieces of work from a variety of local and national publications. Happy reading.


I worked at The Independent for a little over a year, so there’s too many stories to list fully. You can check out my author page here, but some of my favourite pieces include this article about police shootings (mostly for the huge graph), this explainer on the amazing discovery of ‘Earth 2.0’, and this interview with Doom director Marty Stratton.


Porn pics of County Durham women appear on Twitter and police are powerless to act

This story uncovered a Twitter account that posted explicit images of local women without their consent. The inquiries I made during my research eventually got the account deleted, something I’m quite proud of.

Universities under fire for shallow marketing tactics

This was a short story about the “gimmicks” that lower-ranking North-East universities to attract students. During the course of my research, I got possibly the fastest response from a press office that any journalist has ever got – 2 minutes, from the NUS. Cheers guys. It’s just a shame about the incorrect byline – you can blame the Newsquest CMS for that.

Bum rap after Frankland prison anal search sparks prisoner brawl

A court story about a near-riot started by an unwarranted intimate search at a Durham prison. Great headline, too.



Fun Direction: 1D fans’ tweets spark stand-up show (£)

This was a silly story about the amazing @HarryMyCatDied Twitter account, and the guy who ran the account turning it into an Edinburgh Fringe comedy show.

He’s anything but a hero – NHS chief slammed for “insulting” video (£)

An NHS manager, in a time of austerity, job cuts and rising stress levels for front-line staff, decided to make a comedy video encouraging employees to beat stress by exercising in the office. Hilarious.

Britain’s daftest criminal? – robber arrested after using plastic bag as a disguise (£)

Couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Cornish criminal who thought a transparent plastic bag would make a good mask.



Syria: the road from Damascus to hell (£)

While working with the data team, I was one of the many who contributed research and database-filling to this lengthy interactive project on the Syrian conflict.



Protest at London Met over undercover cop job

My report on the first protest by a local activist group opposed to ex-undercover police officer Bob Lambert being a member of teaching staff at London Metropolitan University.

Licensing hours threaten future of Finsbury pub

A local pub was facing opposition over a proposed licensing hours extension from local residents – I found out from the landlord that if it wasn’t granted, his pub would face closure.

Borough speaks out over FGM fears

My report on the shocking fact that 2,000 women in Islington live with the effects of female genital mutilation.



Students launch UK’s first university bodybuilding competition

An interview I did with some really muscled lads who started Mr University, a fitness competition for students.

Student does neknominate in front of packed lecture theatre

Remember neknominations? Someone did his during a lecture, and got chased out by the lecturer. And I interview him.

18 things that make you a Liverpool student

Yeah it’s a listicle, but it did really well – 19,000 likes and counting.



Nil points for Buckby in the Euros

I discovered that a guy at my uni called Jack Buckby was standing in the European elections under the banner of his far-right party, Liberty GB. In the end, they got the lowest number of votes any party has ever got in a European election under the current electoral system. Which is funny.

The Tab meets… Peter Tatchell

Wrote this after the university kindly gave us a chance to interview LGBT activist Peter Tatchell when he came to speak at Liverpool. He was lovely and very interesting.

The Tab tries… Ballet

This was a rather embarrassing and very fun feature to do. As part of a series of articles where we tried out some of Liverpool Uni’s more unusual societies, I got roped into doing ballet, with predictable consequences. Take a look a the rest of my work for The Tab, there’s a few good ones that I don’t have room to list here.



How to comment online (without being a jerk)

A how-to guide for would-be internet commenters, based on my experience as a community manager at The Times.


And elsewhere…

The Guardian: University under pressure to sack controversial former undercover spy Bob Lambert

Guardian report on protests at London Met, based on my original Islington Now story.

The Liverpool Echo: Liverpool student takes over as lecturer fails to turn up for class

My story about a Liverpool Uni student who delivered a lecture after his teacher didn’t arrive, which was picked up by local press.

The Mirror: ‘Intimate’ search of prisoner’s backside almost sparks riot at one of country’s most notorious jails

My Northern Echo court story, republished verbatim by The Mirror.





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