Mapped: The worst places in London to be a firefighter

Thanks to the magic of the Freedom of Information Act and my rudimentary skills with CartoDB, I’ve made this nice little map of incidents of violence against London firefighters in London boroughs.

I got this data through a recent FOI request to the London Fire Brigade (LFB). We have to do an FOI project as part of my course, and I decided to find out how many incidents of violence there have been against London’s paramedics and firefighters in the last few years.

The responses came back, and the LFB kindly included the information about which boroughs such incidents happened in. There weren’t too many incidents of violence, both verbal and physical, against firefighters in the three years from 2012 to 2014 – at least, not as many as I was expecting.

Overall, there were 166 incidents over the three years. Ultimately, owing to a deadline, word limit for the story, and the fact that there were many more violent incidents against paramedics (into the thousands, rather than hundreds), I decided to leave the firefighters element out of the story.

However, it’s a shame to let FOI data go to waste, so to practice my chops with cleaning and CartoDB, I’ve created this little map, showing how many many incidents there were in each borough over the three years.

Click to see the interactive map
Click to see the interactive map

Camden was by far the worst, with 16 incidents overall. Only Richmond upon Thames and Redbridge recorded no violent incidents against LFB staff across the period. Click on the map picture above to go through to the interactive map.

Here’s the link to the raw dataset I got through the FOI request. If there’s any tips or suggestions you have for me so I can make this map better, then let me know in the comments.

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